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Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Need some help fundraising?

You're in the right place!

Our committee members, former miracle makers and executive team have come up with a list of our best and most successful fundraising tips and tricks for you to use. Give them a try and thank you for fundraising FTK!

TIP #1

Utilize your Donor Drive!

After you register you will receive an email with a link to your personal Donor Drive page! Set a goal, write a message and share it with everyone! Check out the video to learn more about how to personalize and best use your personal Donor Drive. 

Tip #2

What's your why?

Take some time to really think about why Frogathon, Cook Children's Hospital, CMNH, and our mission, in general, are important to you. We call this your why. Sharing your 'why' with family and friends is a great way to share your passion for the program and often inspires them to donate!

You can share your 'why' over the phone, in an

email, in a formal letter, or in person. It doesn't

have to be perfect, just speak from the heart! Contact us to hear our 'why'!


TIP #3

Get creative!

-Ask families you babysit for to donate instead of paying you.

-Offer to drive your friends around (to the airport, to class, etc.)

in exchange for a donation.

-Bake sale! Make your friends cookies or other goodies in exchange for donations.

-Start saving up your change, it adds up and every penny counts!!

-Do a social media challenge: "If I raise $100 in 1 hour then I will post an embarrassing selfie!"

-Tweet celebrities asking them to donate, you never know who will have a kind heart!

-Offer to wash your friend’s car, sell your old textbooks, or offer to tutor someone in exchange for a donation.

-Send handwritten letters to friends, neighbors, relatives, old teachers, etc. This extra effort goes a long way!

-Make it a game! Compete against a friend to see who can fundraise the most in a day... Loser has to do whatever the winner decides!

-Venmo request your friends. You might be surprised by the response you get!

-Bring your dog to campus! $5 to pet and play!

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